Roadwork Safety Card 1

Roadwork Safety is a training programme which provides induction training in traffic arrangements and occupational safety.

The Finnish Road Administration sets safety competence requirements for persons involved in carrying out, planning, managing and supervising road works, which the person in question can fulfil by completing the Roadwork Safety training.

Roadwork Safety 1 training course is aimed at everyone working on roads, streets or in other trafficked areas. The training is especially designed to increase the workers’ knowledge in occupational and traffic safety.

Finnish Road Administration Requires Roadwork Safety 1 Training:

  • of all people working on road management tasks on roads
  • of drivers transporting road and pavement materials
  • of operators of machines except for one-off work
  • of other workers working on public roads
  • of the participants of the Roadwork Safety 2 training course

Road Work Safety 1 training is an online training: