Hot Work Safety Card

One-day hot work training courses consist of theoretical and practical training on protection of the hot work site and emergency extinguishing.

Hot work safety course ensures that the worker and hot work permit grantor will have sufficient information of hot work safety. Hot Work Safety Course and the Hot Work Safety Course of roofing and waterproofing industry merged 1.1.2016. The course performed after 1.1.2016 entitles to make ”traditional” hot works, but also hot works of roofing and waterproofing industry.

Hot work safety degree is designed to raise awareness of the risks involved in hot work, to prevent hazards relating to the hot work environment, to increase knowledge about safety measures relating to hot work, and to teach about right action in emergency situations.

Hot Work Safety Card is a certificate of satisfactory completion of hot work safety qualification. The Hot Work Safety Card issued by SPEK is valid also in the other Nordic countries, and hot work license issued by the Nordic firefighting unions is respectively accepted in Finland.

The course certificate, Hot Work Safety Card, is valid for five years.

Download a mobile Hot work training certificate after completed training


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